Our Warehouse and Logistics

Lyndsay runs our purchasing and logistics. She is responsible for all the comings and goings in the warehouse. We have  a 5000 square foot warehouse with security areas and full inventory management systems. Nothing moves without Lyndsay’s say so!

Our logistics is a great asset to the business. We not only manage the production and shipping of all our regular products, we also offer corporate storage, pick and pack and fulfilment for products that we don’t even produce.  Our distribution system covers the whole of the island of Ireland as well as our courier services to the UK and beyond.

We offer paper storage for publishers, inventory for charity and not for profit organisations as well as pick and pack for our corporate clients. If you want to store something give Lyndsay a call.



We see logistics as the critical element in the print supply chain. Our logistics service is expanding and the systems that we are putting in place will compliment our on demand offering.

Our facilities include:

5000 sq ft Warehouse

Distribution  and drivers throughout Ireland

Paper storage

Complete inventory management system with reporting

Secure areas and security systems when required

Pick and pack and packing




To discuss your warehouse and fulfilment needs call Lyndsay Smith on 028 9034 2433 or email her on lsmith@nicholsonbass.com