When it comes to fine art printing.

This is Barry, one of our fine art printers (we have several).

All of our printers know that when it comes to Fine Art work there is no compromise; the press and equipment has to be in tip top condition. Barry knows that when fine art work is being printed he has to step up a notch and consider every aspect of the sheet. Our pre press teams also know what is needed with regards to proofing and platemaking everything has to be just so. All of our processes and systems are pushed to the limit when producing fine art work. We recognise that we cant just print to the numbers and every single image and sheet has to be assessed and considered.

We love to see our customers coming onto press or getting involved with the printing and finishing processes. We believe they know the products and works of art much better than we do and we believe they can help us get that little bit extra from the process and advise us on what they would like to see. We have even had customers bring original artworks onto press at times, though it is not always advisable to bring precious paintings into an industrial environment!

When Barry finishes his work he is the most proud of what he has produced and is always interested in the finished result. The passion and the pride is obvious.




Our services for artists, museums and publishers range from simple event invites and promotional materials right up to the production, delivery and fulfilment of a fine art book or product.  Our art specialists can offer personalised invites and social stationary along with event co-ordination and just in time warehousing or distribution.

Our facilities include:

Specialist in fine art production

Design and typography services

Colour accurate proofing and colour management

Substrate and special effect advice

Dummy and sample production

Fine art project management and printing

On Demand production and digital print

Warehouse and distribution




To discuss your Fine Art requirements call Don Hawthorne on 028 9034 2433 or email him on dhawthorne@nicholsonbass.com